Dr. Beck Elmotherm F 50 Varnishes

Dr. Beck Elmotherm F 50 Varnishes

270 INR/Kilograms

Product Details:


Dr. Beck Elmotherm F 50 Varnishes Price and Quantity

  • 270 INR/Kilograms
  • 21 Kilograms

Dr. Beck Elmotherm F 50 Varnishes Product Specification

  • Liquid

Product Description

Dr. Beck Elmotherm F 50 Varnish is an electric insulating heat curing impregnating varnish based on isophthalic alkyd resin. The material does not contain by recipe substances listed in Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive (2002/95/EC)

Areas of Application

In electrical machines, Dr. Beck Elmotherm F 50 Varnish is used both for manufacturing and repairing the following Thermal class F (155) objects:

  • Standard motors
  • Generators
  • Transformers
  • Drives in the chemical industry
  • Drives for ships


Properties of cured material

The cured material displays very good film formation and resistance to chemicals. The relatively elastic varnish film has very favourable temperature cycling behavior. A reduction in the degree of hardness of enamelled wires generally used does not occur if the components are property impregnated.

Application Methods

Dr. Beck Elmotherm F 50 Varnish is processed by all conventional impregnating methods, such as dipping, rolling or flooding. It can also be processed under vacuum. In this case, the vacuum should not drop below 20 mbar to avoid high solvent evaporation. The most advantageous impregnating method in each case depends on the given technical possibilities of the plant, the structure of the components, and the demands placed on the object to be impregnated under operating conditions.

Elmotherm F 50 displays low susceptibility to the influence of foreign substances, such as punching grease, oils or primers, however, contamination of the varnish should be avoided as much as possible. After drainage time of 15-45 minutes at room temperature, the product is cured in the circulating-air oven at the temperatures and periods of time given. For large objects or those with a complicated winding structure a two-stage curing process is recommended to ensure removal of the solvents.



1. The Dr. Beck Elmotherm F 50 Varnish is what?

Ans - Doctor Beck Elmotherm F Varnishes are a form of isophthalic alkyd resin-based heat-curing impregnating varnish. They protect electrical equipment and appliances from moisture and corrosive substances.

2. What characteristics do Dr. Beck Elmotherm F 50 Varnishes have?

Ans - The following characteristics apply to Dr. Beck Elmotherm F 50 Varnishes: 

  • High mechanical strength,
  • Excellent heat resistance (up to 155 deg C),
  • Excellent dielectric characteristics
  • Excellent resistance to moisture and chemicals, and
  • Ease of Application


3. What are the Dr. Beck Elmotherm F 50 Varnishes applications?

Ans - Beck Elmotherm F 50, Dr. The following uses are made for varnishes:

  • Electric motor stators and rotors must be impregnated
  • Electrical components must be protected from chemicals and moisture
  • Electrical insulators must be coated
  • Electrical insulation that has been damaged must be repaired
  • Electrical joints must be insulated

4. How are Dr. Beck Elmotherm F 50 Varnishes to be used?

Ans - The following are the precise guidelines for applying Dr. Beck Elmotherm F 50 Varnishes:

  • Clean the surface that will be varnished with a solvent like acetone or ethanol.
  • Dip, brush, or spray the varnish onto the surface.
  • Permit the varnish to cure for the allotted amount of time.
  • Now that the varnish has dried, it is ready for use
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