Varnishes And Thinners

Varnishes and Thinners are used to make any surface stain and damage protected.  Available in liquid form, these products can be availed in 1 liter to 2.5 liter packaging choices. Provided substances can resist chemicals and these have good dielectric attributes. These are applied on rotors, during impregnation of motor stators and also on generators. Isophthalic alkyd has been used as the base material for these products. These have 50 to 70 viscosity at 23 degree C as per DIN norms. Standard of these substances has been tested on the basis of their composition, possible toxic content, storage life, packaging standard, etc.

Dr. Beck Elmotherm F 50 Varnishes

  • Physical Form:Liquid
Price: 270 INR/Kilograms

Dr Beck Insulating Varnish

  • Storage:Room Temperature
  • Physical Form:Liquid
Price: 295 INR/Kilograms