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Fiberglass Lead Wire

7 INR/Meter

Product Details:


Fiberglass Lead Wire Price and Quantity

  • 7 INR/Meter
  • 10000 Meter

Fiberglass Lead Wire Specification

  • Fiberglass

Product Description

Fiberglass Lead Insulation Wire has excellent thermal stability and high voltage properties combined with small size due to low wall thickness, superb thermal resistance and low production costs makes it the best insulation option in applications where high thermal insulation is required at mains voltages. These cables are closely braided from 'E' grade low alkali type fibreglass yarn, impregnated with synthethic varnishes as per temperature and insulation class requirement.

Fiberglass Lead Wire Specifications: 

1. Size: 0.25 sqmm to 150 sqmm

2. Material: Fiberglass

3. Number Of Core: Single Core

Advantages of Fiberglass Lead Wire:

1. High-Temperature Resistance: Fiberglass lead wire can withstand extremely high temperatures without melting or degrading, making it suitable for use in applications such as ovens, furnaces, and heating elements. It remains stable and maintains its electrical insulation properties even at elevated temperatures.

2. Fire Resistance: Fiberglass insulation is inherently fire-resistant, providing an added level of safety in applications where fire hazards are a concern. It does not support combustion and can help prevent the spread of fires.

3. Excellent Electrical Insulation: The fiberglass insulation material provides excellent electrical insulation properties, making it suitable for use in electrical and electronic equipment. It helps prevent electrical leakage and ensures reliable performance.

4. Chemical Resistance: Fiberglass lead wire is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, acids, and solvents, making it ideal for use in corrosive environments. It can maintain its integrity and electrical properties when exposed to various chemicals.

5. Moisture Resistance: It is resistant to moisture and humidity, which is important for applications in outdoor or damp environments. This resistance helps prevent electrical shorts and degradation of the wire.

6. UV Resistance: Fiberglass lead wire can withstand exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation without deteriorating, making it suitable for outdoor applications where sunlight is a factor.

7. Durability: It has high mechanical strength and durability, which makes it suitable for use in applications where the wire may experience mechanical stress or abrasion.

8. Longevity: Fiberglass lead wire has a long service life due to its resistance to heat, chemicals, and environmental factors. This can result in reduced maintenance and replacement costs over time.

9. Biocompatibility: In some medical applications, fiberglass lead wire can be chosen for its biocompatibility, making it suitable for use in medical devices and equipment.

10. Lightweight: Fiberglass lead wire is lightweight, which can be advantageous in applications where weight is a consideration, such as aerospace and automotive applications.

11. Wide Range of Temperature Ratings: It is available in various temperature ratings to suit specific application requirements. This versatility allows for customization to meet different needs.

12. Low Thermal Expansion: Fiberglass lead wire has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, which means it is less likely to expand or contract significantly with temperature changes, helping to maintain electrical connections.

13. Resistance to Mechanical Abuse: It can withstand physical abuse, making it suitable for use in environments where the wire may be subject to bending, twisting, or other mechanical stresses.


1. What is Fiberglass Lead Wire?

Ans: This wire is a type of electrical wire that features a fiberglass insulation coating. It is commonly used in various applications where electrical 
insulation and resistance to high temperatures are required.

2. What are the key properties of Fiberglass Lead Wire?

Ans: This wire is known for its excellent electrical insulation properties, resistance to heat and flames, and durability. It can withstand high temperatures without melting or degrading.

3. What are the typical applications for Fiberglass Lead Wire?

Ans: This wire is used in a wide range of applications, including wiring in industrial equipment, appliances, lighting fixtures, heating elements, and in situations where exposure to high temperatures or harsh environments is expected.

4. Is Fiberglass Lead Wire flame-resistant?

Ans: Yes, this wire is known for its flame resistance. It does not support combustion and can be used in applications where exposure to flames or high temperatures is a concern. 
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