Fire Resistant Sleeve

Fire Resistant Sleeve

125 INR/Meter

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Fire Resistant Sleeve Price and Quantity

  • 125 INR/Meter
  • 50 Meter

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Product Description

A protective covering made to offer a barrier against extreme heat, flames, sparks, and heat-related hazards is referred to as a fire-resistant sleeve, flame-resistant sleeve, or fireproof sleeve. In many different industries, these sleeves are frequently employed to protect wires, cables, hoses, and other components from potential fire hazards. 

Material Composition:

Specialised materials that can endure intense heat and flames are often used in the construction of fire-resistant sleeves. These materials frequently consist of fibreglass coated with silicone, fire-resistant fabrics, or other high-tech textiles that provide both thermal insulation and fire protection.

Characteristics of Fire Resistant Sleeve:

1. A fire-resistant sleeve's main purpose is to thwart the spread of heat and flames. Direct contact with flames and high temperatures won't damage these sleeves.

2. Fire-resistant sleeves offer thermal insulation, which lessens the amount of heat that is transferred from the outside environment to the enclosed components. This prevents cables and wires from melting, deteriorating, or igniting nearby items.

3. These sleeves frequently provide mechanical protection against abrasion, collisions, and other physical stressors that could harm cables and wires in addition to flame resistance.

4. Fire-resistant sleeves are essential in emergency situations because they help to confine fires and stop them from spreading through cables and wires. 

5. Because these sleeves are made to function well over a broad temperature range, they can be used in applications involving intense heat or rapid temperature changes.

6. Fire-resistant sleeves may frequently be modified to fit a variety of projects by changing their size, length, and other characteristics. 

Fire Resistant Sleeve Specifications:

1. Heat Resistant: Yes

2. Material: Silicone, fiberglass

3. Continuous operating temperature: 310 degree centigrade

4. Max short term exposure: 1600 degree centigrade

5. Resistance: Fire resistance/ Flame Retardant/ Insulation/ water Proof/ grease Proof/ acid And Alkali Resistant

Fire Resistant Sleeve Applications:

1. Aviation and space

2. Automobile production

3. Gas and oil

4. Generation and distribution of power

5. Equipment and machinery used in industry  

Installation of Fire-Resistant Sleeve:

Fire-resistant sleeves are installed in a manner akin to those of other protective sleeves. They offer a quick layer of protection by simply slipping them over cables, wires, or hoses.

Compliance and Certification:

Fire-resistant sleeves may need to meet particular fire safety standards and certifications depending on the use and industry regulations.

FAQs of Fire Resistant Sleeve:

1. What is the purpose of a fire-resistant sleeve?

Ans: To shield wires, cables, hoses, and other components from extreme heat, flames, sparks, and possible fire threats, use a fire-resistant sleeve. It ensures safety in crucial applications by assisting with fire containment and halting their spread.

2. A fire-resistant sleeve offers protection from flames in what ways?

Ans: Specialised materials that can withstand heat and flames are used to create fire-resistant sleeves. They offer a barrier that reduces the risk of ignition or fire propagation by preventing flames from spreading to enclosed components.

3. Which sectors frequently employ fire-resistant sleeves?

Ans: These sleeves are essential in sectors including aircraft, automotive, oil and gas, power generation, and industrial machinery where fire safety is a top concern. They are essential in reducing the hazards associated with fire.

4. Can Fire-Resistant Sleeves be customised for particular uses?

Ans: In order to fit various projects and applications, many fire-resistant sleeves can be modified in terms of size, length, and other details.

5. What is the installation process for fire-resistant sleeves?

Ans: The installation process is simple. The sleeves offer rapid protection from flames and extreme temperatures when they are slid over cables, wires, or hoses. To meet a range of diameters, multiple sizes are offered.
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