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Fire Sleeves

22 INR/Meter

Product Details:

  • Product Type Fire Sleeves
  • Material Fiberglass
  • Thickness 3 Millimeter (mm)
  • Application It is used for protecting wires, cables and hoses from extreme heat, flames and sparks.
  • Color Red
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Fire Sleeves Price and Quantity

  • 22 INR/Meter
  • 4 Meter

Fire Sleeves Specification

  • 3 Millimeter (mm)
  • It is used for protecting wires, cables and hoses from extreme heat, flames and sparks.
  • Fire Sleeves
  • Red
  • Fiberglass

Fire Sleeves Trade Information

  • Asia Australia Central America North America South America Eastern Europe Western Europe Middle East Africa
  • All India

Product Description

A specific protective covering known as a "fire sleeve," sometimes known as a "fire-resistant sleeve" or a "flame-retardant sleeve," is intended to act as a barrier against high temperatures, flames, sparks, and heat-related hazards. In a variety of sectors, these sleeves are frequently employed to protect wires, cables, hoses, and other components from potential fire hazards. Here is a thorough explanation of fire sleeves that highlights both their qualities and advantages:

Features of Fire Sleeves:

1. Flame Resistance: Fire sleeves are made of cutting-edge materials that naturally withstand flames. When exposed to fire or intense heat, they are able to restrict the spread of flames and resist ignition because to this characteristic.

2. Thermal Insulation: Fire sleeves provide excellent thermal insulation qualities that reduce the amount of heat that is transferred to enclosed components. This insulation helps shield cables from melting, deteriorating, or igniting nearby materials.

3. Abrasion and Impact Protection: These sleeves offer strong mechanical shielding against abrasion, impacts, and other physical stressors that cables and wires may encounter in addition to fire protection.

4. Chemical Resistance: A lot of fire sleeves are resistant to different chemicals, oils, and solvents, which improves defence against corrosive substances that could lead to cable deterioration.

5. Weather and UV Resistance: Fire sleeves are frequently made to withstand outside elements, including UV exposure, making them ideal for applications requiring both environmental toughness and fire safety.

6. Wide Temperature Range: These sleeves are made to function well in a variety of climates, providing dependable protection even under intense heat or rapid temperature changes.

7. Customization: Fire sleeves can be made to fit certain cables, hoses, or application needs because they come in a variety of sizes, lengths, and diameters.

Benefits of Fire Sleeves:

1. Fire Safety: Enhanced fire safety is the main advantage of fire sleeves. They produce a shield that keeps fires from spreading and aids in their containment, lowering the possibility of property damage and guaranteeing worker safety.

2. Protection of Components: Fire sleeves prevent against the damaging effects of heat, flames, and potential ignition sources on delicate parts, cables, and wires. Critical systems' integrity and functionality are preserved because to this safeguard.

3. Adheres Industry Standard: Fire sleeves frequently adhere to industry standards and fire safety laws, ensuring that applications meet safety criteria and lowering liability worries.

4. Reliability in Challenging and severe conditions: Fire sleeves offer dependable protection in difficult and severe conditions, such as industrial, automotive, and aerospace applications. They are resistant to fires, chemicals, weather, and UV radiation.

5. Emergency Response: By preventing the spread of fires and minimising possible damage, fire sleeves are essential in times of crisis. Their confinement capabilities aid in giving crucial response and evacuation time.

6. Longevity and Cost Savings: Fire sleeves help systems last longer by shielding cables and components from damage caused by fire and heat, which lowers maintenance costs and downtime.

FAQs of Fire Sleeves:

1. What are Fire Sleeves used for, exactly?

Ans: To create a barrier of defence against extreme heat, flames, and sparks, employ a fire sleeve. It ensures safety in a variety of applications by protecting wires, cables, hoses, and components from fire dangers.

2. How can Fire Sleeves provide resistance to flames?

Ans: Specialised materials with built-in flame resistance are used to create Fire Sleeves. They offer thermal insulation to protect enclosed components from heat-related dangers, resist ignition, and stop the spread of flames.

3. What sectors are Fire Sleeves most frequently used in?

Ans: These sleeves are used in sectors like power generation, industrial machinery, aircraft, and the automobile industry. Fire Sleeves offer essential protection in areas where fire safety is important.

4. What are the advantages of employing Fire Sleeves?

Ans: Fire sleeves increase fire safety, safeguard against heat-related component damage, guarantee regulatory compliance, provide dependability in severe settings, and help save money by increasing system longevity.

5. How are fire sleeve installations done?

Ans: Fire Sleeve installation is simple. They quickly add a layer of protection by being slipped over cables, wires, or hoses. To meet a range of diameters, multiple sizes are offered.
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